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Kindled Hearts.jpg
  • Best friend's brother

  • Opposites attract

  • Small Town

  • Suspense

Ember Hollow holds secrets. They whisper through the trees and linger in the shadows. It's a town that remembers, even when I try so desperately to forget.

Returning feels like stepping into a dream, and yet, reality hits hard when I almost immediately run into Reid Ramsey, my best friend’s older brother. His eyes hold the weight of the past, and in their depths, I see a reflection of my own pain. He's a protector, a guardian of a truth we both seek about that horrible night that changed us both.

The night my best friend, and his sister, was murdered in her bed.

Bound by that tragic night that stole so much from us, we somehow find a glimmer of hope. A connection that defies the odds, a chance to heal the wounds that time hasn't quite closed.

As we unravel the threads of that fateful night, we find solace in each other's arms. And in the process, Reid and I discover a love that defies the darkness. A love that promises a future forged from the ashes of the past.

Just as things are starting to piece themselves together, someone makes it clear they don’t want us solving the mystery of the night of the murder. And they will stop at nothing to keep us from finding the truth.

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