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Kindled Hearts.jpg
  • Best friend's brother

  • Slow burn

  • Small Town

  • Suspense

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There’s a serial killer in Ember Hollow. Lark Meadows survived him once, but he’ll burn it all down to get her back.

After my best friend was murdered in her bed, I ran from Ember Hollow and never looked back. But nine years later, I’m forced to return to my small town and run into the last person I expected, Reid Ramsey. He’s a local Private Investigator now…and my best friend’s big brother. 

Reid has always been a protector, watching out for the ones he loves. As we grow closer, it’s clear how broken he is. He couldn’t save his little sister all those years ago and the guilt crushed him. 

Bonded through tragedy, an unexpected spark ignites between us. The burn is slow, but bright and consuming. As we lead each other on the path toward healing, disaster strikes again when a girl goes missing. 

Desperate to find her before it’s too late, Reid and I will stop at nothing to discover the truth. The closer we come to solving the case, and the danger escalates, dark shadows from my past finally catch up to me. This time…I don’t know if I’ll make it out of this town alive.

Kindled Hearts is the book one in a small town, suspenseful romance series. Each book in the Ember Hollow world stands alone, but are connected by the Ramsey brothers. Follow each brother as they heal past wounds and find their happily ever after!

**All Ember Hollow Romances have plenty of sizzling kisses and intimacy, but the spice is not explicit.  

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