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Suspense in Cypress Falls Romance Series

She's on the run, seeking refuge. He feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. As they fall for each other, past secrets threaten to shatter everything. 

I only want to start over after my life falls apart into bloody pieces. When the bus stops in Cypress Falls, I can’t think of a more beautiful place to find myself again. The last thing I expect is to literally fall into the arms of the devastatingly handsome, broody small town cop. Atlas Ranes has his own story of tragedy. Always feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders, I want nothing more than to make him see that he deserves everything he wants in life: Love. Happiness. Family. But when our pasts catch up with us, the secrets we keep threaten everything…Including the lives we’ve worked so hard to put back together.

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book 2

She swore to never trust him again. He needed a second chance. Sometimes, best friends aren't forever.

I thought we’d be best friends forever. After being raised in a world of backstabbers and shallow beauty, I learned to trust no one. But he was different. Since we were kids, Tyson Ranes has always been my best friend. My protector. Until the day he leaves our small town without a word and shatters my last piece of hope. Now, after three years of silence, he’s returned to flip my fractured life upside down again. He’s looking for a second chance, but I push him away at every turn. I vowed to never let anyone hurt me again. As Ty continues trying to rebuild a friendship seemingly beyond repair, I notice the shadows in his eyes. He has scars that never healed, too. When the threats start, and strange incidents I can’t explain, I discover that loving Tyson Ranes may have more dire consequences than a broken heart.

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She needed healing, not another broken heart. Knox Evans might give her both. 

I came to Willow Hope Ranch looking for healing, not another broken heart. After stolen nights of whispered secrets, I find myself falling for the quiet, gorgeous cowboy who sends my world spiraling. Knox Evans isn’t much for words, but there’s a storm behind those gray eyes. His family is in shambles and when his estranged brother is released from prison, the family ranch no longer feels safe. As I fight to keep my past trauma from smothering me, someone lingers in the shadows, stalking me and leaving threats behind. When the ranch literally erupts into flames, Knox and I will have to raise ourselves up from the ashes if we want to survive.

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book 3

Her life was shattered. He made her feel safe; a refuge during the storm. When she's threatened, he'll do anything to save her.

A year ago my life shattered around me. I lost everything that mattered most: my family, my livelihood, and my friends. Even the small town I once loved betrayed me. Desperate and alone, I made decisions I regret. I trusted people who didn’t deserve it, and found myself without a place to call home. Then, he returns to town. Elias Torres is my brother’s best friend. Through the years, he has become mine too. But when he offers me a place to stay for the next couple of weeks, something sparks between us. We’ve both changed in the year he’s been gone, but when I’m with Elias, I’m reminded of the woman I used to be. He makes me feel safe; a refuge in the chaotic storm of my life. When strange notes with flowers are left for me almost every night, and threats are made against Elias, it’s clear something is wrong. As I try to pick up the pieces of my broken life, tragedy strikes again and I’m not sure I’ll make it out this time… Tropes: -Brother's best friend -One bed -Small town

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She refuses to lose yet another thing she loves. He's willing to lose everything to help her. A marriage of convenience will either fix what's broken, or fracture it beyond repair.

After surviving years of trauma, I’m about to lose the one thing I have left—our family ranch. I have to figure out a way to buy it before it sells, but I can’t do that without my inheritance. The problem is, I can’t get that money until I’m married, and dating has been the last thing on my mind. When Colton Wilder finds me drunk at our small town bar, he gets me home safe—and offers to help. Colton has his own past wounds, ones that are deep and painful, but I’m desperate. Our marriage of convenience is only supposed to be business, but as we get closer, unexpected feelings begin to develop. Everything changes when one of my employees at the ranch goes missing. As deadly threats force us to face our dark pasts, we'll either find a way to fix what’s broken, or fracture it beyond repair.

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Book 4

I’d rather be alone forever than give away my heart. But when I’m forced to stay with my best friend, Dawson, in his secluded cabin in the woods, things start to change.

We promised to remain best friends, and nothing more, nothing less. When my small town boutique is vandalized by someone I believed could be trusted, I’m forced to stay in a secluded cabin in the hills surrounding Cypress Falls. Dawson Evans built his cabin far away from everyone who hurt him. Especially his younger brother. As cold and grumpy as Dawson appears, I know the truth…he’s caring and kind and fiercely loyal. As the winter chill brings a storm of the decade, Dawson and I are stuck together and forced to face our true feelings. But I’d rather be alone forever than risk losing my best friend. When my past comes to find me, I’m not even safe in the middle of the woods. Someone is after me, and I’m not willing to let Dawson jump in front of another bullet in order to save me.

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