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Lovely Reckless Redemption.jpg
  • Best friends-to-lovers

  • Forced proximity

  • Grumpy/sunshine

  • Small Town

  • Suspense

We promised to remain best friends, nothing more, nothing less.


When my small town boutique is vandalized by someone I believed could be trusted, I’m forced to stay in a secluded cabin in the hills surrounding Cypress Falls. 

Dawson Evans built his cabin far away from everyone who hurt him. Especially his younger brother. As cold and grumpy as Dawson appears, I know the truth…he’s caring and kind and fiercely loyal.
As the winter chill brings a storm of the decade, Dawson and I are stuck together and forced to face our true feelings. But I’d rather be alone forever than risk losing my best friend.

When my past comes to find me, I’m not even safe in the middle of the woods. Someone is after me, and I’m not willing to let Dawson jump in front of another bullet in order to save me.

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