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  • Best friends-to-lovers

  • Second Chances

  • Small Town

  • Suspense

I thought we’d be best friends forever.

After being raised in a world of backstabbers and shallow beauty, I learned to trust no one. But he was different. Since we were kids, Tyson Ranes has always been my best friend. My protector. 

Until the day he leaves our small town without a word and shatters my last piece of hope.

Now, after three years of silence, he’s returned to flip my fractured life upside down again. 

He’s looking for a second chance, but I push him away at every turn. I vowed to never let anyone hurt me again.

As Ty continues trying to rebuild a friendship seemingly beyond repair, I notice the shadows in his eyes. He has scars that never healed, too. When the threats start, and strange incidents I can’t explain, I discover that loving Tyson Ranes may have more dire consequences than a broken heart.

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