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  • Marriage-of-convenience 

  • Law enforcement hero

  • Strong Heroine 

  • Small Town

  • Suspense

After surviving years of trauma, I’m about to lose the one thing I have left—our family ranch. 

I have to figure out a way to buy it before it sells, but I can’t do that without my inheritance. The problem is, I can’t get that money until I’m married, and dating has been the last thing on my mind.

When Colton Wilder finds me drunk at our small town bar, he gets me home safe—and offers to help. Colton has his own past wounds, ones that are deep and painful, but I’m desperate.

Our marriage of convenience is only supposed to be business, but as we get closer, unexpected feelings begin to develop.


Everything changes when one of my employees at the ranch goes missing. As deadly threats force us to face our dark pasts, we'll either find a way to fix what’s broken, or fracture it beyond repair.

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